Tuesday 18 May 2010

It's getting nipply in here...

Try all you want, there is no way you can remain highbrow when talking about Toledo noisenik fuckmonsters Puffy Areolas. Yes, that's right - Puffy Areolas. And it doesnt stop there - with some of the lighter moments coming from song titles like 'Drinking My Own Sperm' and 'Bowel Movements (It's All About)', it is all about the lowest common denominator. Their sound can vary from guitar punk-rock freakouts a la The Bronx through to Comets On Fire-esque psychedelic explosions, all pushed forward by scratchy howls, inclement drumming and driving bass. Brutal, wigged out, fast and fun - all led by lead singer Krauty McKraut - fuck yes! This band means business - they want your soul.

I have Sara and Simon to thank for being slapped in the ears with a slab of whiskey-swilling concrete with glass embedded in its serrated coarse surfaces. The track below are live numbers - I stongly suggest you hunt down their recorded stuff (including fresh off the press LP from Siltbreeze, In The Army 1981) stat.

Puffy Areolas - Norwegian Wood
Puffy Areolas - If I Had A Hammer

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