Thursday 6 May 2010

Om's drummer finds his holy Grails

I am a latecomer to Grails. I had heard a track back in 2008 when my good friend Andy was flooding my external hard drive with music. I think i may have been into my fourth Trappist beer at the time. It was the last day before leaving Australia to move to sunny London. Hence the surprise when I was back in Australia last month and heard the exact same track, again at Andy's behest. It, and they, are awesome. (NB - Andy, you're awesome too...)

Emile Amos of Om fame is the instigator of Grails, and they have just released their fourth volume of Black Tar Prophecies. Their sound is one of many textures - the Eastern influences perfectly balance the sonic drone and occasional brutal onslaught. Influences range from Dirty Three to Sun Ra, and my sister even noted a hint of C&W musical twang? It is a true pastiche of musical imagery, one that takes a refreshing edge on that much maligned of genres, post-rock.

So I am now tres excited for the Luminaire gig that they are playing this upcoming Monday. The Luminaire is such a great venue, and the fact that i can walk home from there is a cherry on top. They are ably supported by Invisible Bees and Phillip Jeck. Tix are 10 squid. If you arent getting your mind ripped out by 9 drummers due to the Boredoms that night, you need to get it expanded by Grails. Nuff said.

And here are some tracks! The first is off Black Tar Prophecies 4, 'Silk Road' features Simeon of Silver Apples, and the third is just rad.

Grails - Up All Night

Grails - Silk Road

Grails - Reincarnation Blues

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