Friday 21 May 2010

The Friday cover up, yeah yeah yeah, ok I'll do it!

Its Friday and time for another cover version.

Now you remember that New York band called Yeah Yeah Yeahs? Date With The Night, Maps and all that? Well Karen O and her gang do a mean line in kick arse cover versions. I was going to only post one track but I couldn't make my mind up - happy or sad, mmm - so I'm plumbing for both, you lucky gits you. Needless to say the first track makes me want to jump around like a teenager and the second makes me cry like a big girl. Hope your reaction to them is just as contradictory.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Sheena Is a Punk Rocker (Ramones Cover)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Diamond Sea (Sonic Youth cover)


  1. Anonymous21/5/10 18:56

    love the sonic youth cover. they wrote great music.

  2. Anonymous22/5/10 06:19

    hhhhhhmmmmmmm... i wanna RUN !!!!

  3. Sonic Youth still write great music!!

  4. Sonic Youth were and still are awesome. Daydream Nation is just the best album in the last 25 years!

  5. Totally in agreeance there SteveA!