Thursday 6 May 2010

Deerhunter helicopter

We're off to see Deerhunter tonight. A gig that seems to be posing as some kind of reunion of the SM gang after Brendan's temporary exile in the land of Oz, but more importantly its a Deerhunter gig. (Brendan T - more important my arse...)

Ever since 2007's Cryptograms, Deerhunter and their many side projects, such as Atlas Sound and the often overlooked Lotus Plaza (guitarist Lockett Pundt's side project), all have occupied a special place in my heart. Let's be honest - I fucking love everything this band touches and I'll happily admit that I've seen them live countless times, it's verging on a geek/psycho level.

So when Mark Riley of BBC 6 Music (I really should write a post about 6 Music soon) had the lads on his show, in session, it was a must listen (thanks Tash!). And to add to my Deerhunter based joy they played a new track Helicopter, and below you can have a taste yourself. Nice to hear the reverb drenching madness of Cryptograms is back but with the purity of Bradford's Microcastle vocal leanings. You can check out the whole session here, well worth it for The Fall cover and a stonking rendition of Nothing Ever Happens. And here is Deerhunter's own blog, always good stuff on there.

Deerhunter - Helicopter (Live on 6 Music)

I've also posted a couple of mp3s from Deerhunter related albums that should, in my humble opinion, be a stable of any SM reader... enjoy and purchase...

Deerhunter - Language Violence (from the first album Turn It Up Faggot)
Lotus Plaza - The Floodlight Collective
Atlas Sounds - Walkabout (Noah Lennox)

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