Monday 31 May 2010

Caribou remixes Four Tet's forthcoming single, Angel Echoes

First of all, thanks to Bren for holding the fort at Sonic Masala while Paul and I were going a little nuts at Primavera Sound... We'll soon give you a download of it all, from the craziness of Monotonix, the awesomeness of The Oh Sees or Health, through to the ridiculousness that was Gary Numan (or should I say his terribly poor and clich├ęd attempt to emulate Trent Reznor...)

Although still in recovery mode, I couldn't stop myself from sharing the news that the masterminds behind two of the best albums so far this year, Dan Snaith aka Caribou and Kieran Hebden aka Four Tet, are collaborating on a track.

Four Tet's releasing "Angel Echoes", first song on his latest full length, There Is Love In You, as the new single. Both CD and vinyl versions, available from July 19th through Domino Records, will include remixes from Caribou as well as Jon Hopkins.

I've failed miserably to manage to cach Four Tet play live so far this year -other than his outstanding DJ set at Fabric on January 22nd - so I can't wait to see him, albeit behind the decks again, at Caribou's show at Heaven on June 16th. Or at least I'm hoping so, as there is a little bit of confusion on this one. Caribou announced in March that Four Tet would do DJ on June 16th after he had to cancel his appearance at Corsica Studios earlier this year. However, every other site mentions the original line up (ie Mt Kimbie and Patten as support acts). So, what's it gonna be??

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  1. Cheers for the kudos Ani - hope I havent been too shabby with the posts! Bet you are 'drained' from your heady Primavera days...