Wednesday 5 May 2010

Goddamned beach lovers unite...

The above heading is not entirely true. Any person who is truly living has some love of the beach. And Im luckier than many - Ive been on Oz's beaches for the past month. But Ive come back to no beaches, the lying fuck that is the English weather, and a glut of perfect summer tracks filling my headspace.

SADS much?

Nah, its all cool. Although I missed out on what would have been a cracker of a gig at White Heat @ Madame Jojo's last night, Im revelling in Best Coast's sunny, fuzzy sonic whirls. Bethany Cosentino is my current heart girl - sorry Cassie Ramone! - and is it any wonder with tracks like this?!? I wish I had heard 'When Im With You' last year when it was released - its certainly my favourite song of the moment (mingled bizarrely with Grails' 'Silk Rd' and Grey Daturas' 'A Japanese Romance' - that makes no sense whatsoever, but so be it...), and the newie 'Far Away' shows she's no one trick pony - I think. I love what she's doing anyway, and is promising to back up these beautiful 7"'s with a debut album later this year.

Cant wait for summer...

Best Coast - Far Away

Best Coast - When Im With You

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