Friday 21 May 2010

Clan of the Titans produce rare album of love

It sure pays to have a devoted fan base. It pays even more to be faithful to them, not cheating on them the first whiff of something 'bigger and better' that comes along. And so it is with Titus Andronicus. Garnering a gargantuan amount of buzz a couple years ago, their first LP The Airing of Grievances was totally superseded by Civil War behemoth The Monitor, mirroring their live status, eclipsing their hype and threatening to destroy the path laid out before them. But if anything, these Jersey ruffians are staying closer to their roots than ever (see the Weezer cover we posted earlier). To heighten this sense of down home humility and love of music and music lovers everywhere, they have embraced wholeheartedly a fan-created album of rarities, off cuts and live tracks titled Feats of Strength. So much so that they are giving it away as a freebie on their own site! Grab it now while you still can - here is a taste.

Titus Andronicus - No Future

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