Thursday 13 May 2010

Todays Bulbs, Tomorrows Tulips

Tomorrows Tulips (Eternally Teenage) from jack Coleman on Vimeo.

Seeing as the SM blog has been going only for a few months we don't get many bands sending us stuff; but when we do we'll always try to give it a listen, its most welcome. Today though I opened up the Sonic Masala email to find this little gem nestling in the inbox, Tomorrows Tulips.

Tomorrows Tulips have just released their debut e.p. on Papermade. Its a cassette release with mp3 download. They've even sent me a link for the vid of their track Eternally Teenage - a lovely slice of dreamy garage pop it is too, just what the doctor ordered before I get too worked up over Double Dagger this weekend.

Taste below of the track Optimistic Vibes, also taken for the E.P, buy here.
Thanks Tomorrows Tulips.

Tomorrows Tulips - Optimistic Vibe

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  1. ahhh! love this. GO TULIPS <3

    -Lindsay from YAWMA