Thursday 29 April 2010

Animal cruelty

One of the most energetic sets I saw last year occurred at the Lexington, when Leeds bands That Fucking Tank! (who definitely need their own post or posts - Paul???) and Pulled Apart By Horses combined to fuck everyone in the earhole. I did a review for Low Rise on said gig, and was left slack jawed and feeling gleefully dirty. I have tried to explain to the few people in the UK who havent seen PABH (I think there are only 6 - they boys have played over 300 gigs in the past 12 months!), but find that words dont do it justice (although that could be said about any incendiary act...)

Lucky for me - amd for humanity in general - that the boys pressed a live set onto wax for your listening pleasure...if any copies are left, that is. Only 500 copies of Live at Leeds 12" were put to print, marking their signing to Transgressive Records, and was first released at Record Store Day, as well as playing to in-stores to add to their impressive live regime.

If you missed out, are in the 6 unaware of PABH's brutal brilliance, or just want to relive the mind numbing magic, here are 4 tracks, for yall.

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