Tuesday 4 May 2010

The wilderness and the future

 The wilderness can do strange things to you, wake you up, put you to sleep, a place to you run away from reality only to find it looking you straight in the eye. It can make you feel remote, cut off, out of touch only to find that you were more in touch then you wanted to be. Strange thing the wilderness.

Some bands seem to come from the wildness, like distant voices from a forgotten place. Although the reality is they were here all along, we just weren't paying attention, weren't looking at them from the right angle, a trick of the light and smoke.

Pat Jordache (real name Pat Gregoire) is one of those artists. This bass-sax-toting tour companion of Tune-Yards and a former member of Sister Suvi and Islands Pat is a regular face of the Montreal's scene, although new to me. Songs About The Future is his debut solo album and the two tracks below are just a taste. Working with Tune Yards has had a clear influence vocally but the bombastic bass, shimmering gloss and the rolling baritone weight point to the influence of Pat's prolific past and fearless attitude to experiment in the here and now. "A noisy, blushing triumph" commented the blog Said The Gramophone. I couldn't put it better my self.

Pat Jordache - Radio
Pat Jochache - Ukuuu

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