Wednesday 12 May 2010

Six Degrees of Deerhunter #4 - Jay Reatard

 It was with a heavy heart that I received the news of Jay Reatard's passing away. I first heard about it from my friend Dan. I had also become acquainted with Reatard's legacy through Dan - and what an amazing back catalogue he has. And what is truly a shame is that I have only been a fan for over 12 months now. The good thing is that his music and inimitable spirit will live on forever.

So I was even further elated when i stumbled across this track a month ago. I know it made a few people's blogs last year and early 2010, but it is still a tricky track to hunt down, a rare-ish 7" split. It is also a cover of the aforementioned Deerhunter - in fact, a fairly rare track in its original form. And what Reatard does with it is great - a nice fitting tribute to the band, and to the man.

Jay Reatard - Flourescent Grey (Deerhunter Cover)

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