Wednesday 5 May 2010

(Not) Dead on Arrival

I had this single mingled amongst many others when I came back from Oz last week. The tracks i had lying around the joint made for a hell of an eclectic playlist. The problem with such randomness is that the beauty of a song can be lost due to how jarring it is to the song preceding it. So it was when I first heard 'Im Dead', smack bang between tracks by SISTERS (also featured today) and Suckers (featured yesterday). So the liminanas slipped through the cracks...

Fortunately for all and sundry, I gave it a second go. And a third. For the French trio have concocted a blessed blend of Spectoresque wall of sound pop with blustering drive and girl group chic. In fact 'Im Dead' oozes cool. And now I cant get the track out of my freakin head. Put out by Chicago's Trouble In Mind, expect to hear more of these guys in no short order, especialy as summer rolls around...

The Liminanas - Im Dead

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