Saturday 6 October 2012

A Rational Plea

Sorry about the unexplained absence! I have a few bands wondering where their promised posts are, and a metric fuck tonne of emails and releases stuffing up my inbox, external hard drive, desk, record player and CD player (my pimped out Ford Laser be stylin). And whilst this isn't a fully formed comeback - that will be in a couple of days, with heaps more Aussie content and some truly amazing stuff - I wanted to turn everyone's attention to great Brissie band The Rational Academy. They are raising monies so that they can put out their next LP Winter Haunts on Kickstarter acolyte site Pozible. The incentives are awesome, including guitars, pedals, T-shirts, secret shows - possibly a jar of Ben Thompson's sweat! They are also a sweet bunch of peeps, and would really appreciate the support. So head over here - there is only 6 days left and they are shy of $600 - to see how you can help or if you just want to give back to the bands that give so much to you.
And here is Yellow Pony that they will have on Winter Haunts - it's great. Check out all of their stuff here - there is so much! And they are involved in our next Sonic Masala show - more about that in the next couple of days!

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