Thursday 11 October 2012

T(t)otal Source Of Yellow/Silver/Black

I don't know what it's like in your end of the world, but here in "sunny" Brisbane it's gloomy, grey and raining. So I thought that I would get all gloomy myself by locking myself away in order to listen to two of Twin Lakes Records' newest releases.

First up is The Said, a three-track EP from Source of Yellow. The Brooklyn-based band borrow heavily from psych touchstones, as is most evident on opening title track and clear standout, but they also play with the genre, focusing on groove and rhythm more than languid noise jams. This combined with their debut release back in 2010 pinpoints Source of Yellow as a band of great import, and The Said is the perfect introduction into their world.

Then there is Ttotals, the Nashville duo whose Silver On Black 7" is more straight up space blues jams a la Black Mountain, White Hills and The Black Angels. These three tracks are a great hazy rumble when combined, and prove that these dudes rule the outer blues. Awesome stuff!

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