Wednesday 10 October 2012

Pandering To The Kid On The Scary Monster Juice

I spoke recently about Irish one-man garage wonderkind No Monster Club (who intimated he had kicked the bucket, but it wasn't the case - see here for more info on that). Well not that long ago he did a split release with Italian punky scrat Panda Kid. Well these crazy dudes released their first LP Scary Monster Juice on cassette not too long ago (out through Already Dead), which is 10 slices of skronky garage punk jams. There is a little bit of Digital Leather in this stuff, with just enough accessibility amongst the clatter and din to excite the senses. They are prepping to travel around the Italian countryside before attacking the rest of Europe, landing in the UK in November and December. Keep an eye out - this is some great stuff. Panda Kid - Junkie Girl Panda Kid - A Long Long Summer


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    like Panda kid!!

  2. Panda Kid fanatic alert! Cheers Anonymous - what he said!