Wednesday 10 October 2012

Green-Eyed September Girls

It's been three weeks since I've properly put my blogging hat on, and I apologise for the lateness of this particular review as it was written last month, but not posted. Dublin's September Girls know when to bring a single out. Dropping on the month of their moniker, Green Eyed/Danny Wood is  the perfect mix of brooding and bubbly pop. They remind me of another all-girl band called Feathers, with the ability to slide around the 60s girl-led, guitar-driven pop tropes, crafting something that is immediate yet avoids being disposable. The A-side is especially killer. They are a bright commodity with lots of potential - I can't wait for something even more substantial to come into play from them. Until then though, Soft Power Records are putting this beauty out on 7" in a couple weeks - pre-order it here.

September Girls - Green Eyed
September Girls - Danny Wood

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