Tuesday 16 October 2012

Surfing Those Harsh & Sludgy Crystal Swells

Last year I spoke about a hedonistic bunch from Vancouver called Crystal Swells, whose Goethe Head Soup release really got me buzzing (see here for that review). Well a little while back they put out this four-track 7” EP called HarshSide/SludgeFreaks on TRBLFKR Records. Guess what? It’s just as bloody good. Harsh and sludgy (funny that), the four-piece revel in scuzzy punk gems that still adhere to having loud, raucous fun – and they want you to join in too. No nihilistic arseholery here – Crystal Swells wants to be your friend, if only so you can take the fall when they tear the world down. And you will do so with gay abandon, that’s how much fun these tracks are. It gets darker on ‘Kelly Does Bayside’ but for the main this is bouncy albeit breakneck and blown-out rock fun times.

Grab HarshSide/SludgeFreaks here – it’s on aqua vinyl, yeah it is!

Crystal Swells – Harsh Flux
Crystal Swells – Kelly Does Bayside

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