Friday 20 August 2010

Don't Mellow Out

Have been listening a bit to the new 7" by a lil band called Mellows, It's In The Stones/Ghostriding (through Tweaking Trays and Royal Rhino Flying Records). Its a bit of a crazy hybrid - imagine if you will, Mercury Rev picking daisies with Grandaddy in Devendra's backyard, whilst a 12" retro red TV hums in the corner to the tinklings of a NES system theme song (maybe Zelda) paused on the menu page... And that is Mellows. Not deliberately obscure - its actually fabulously accessible - Mellows take freak folk to a few fields over from the left, with psychedelia vapour trails in their wake. Its very interesting, and signals better things to come.

Mellows - Ghostriding

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