Sunday 22 August 2010

The best song Ive heard in months - by Justin Beiber

Paul is going to kill me, like he wanted to after my Beyonce post - but first of all, that girl can actually sing and is anatomically correct like no one else on this planet, and secondly it was a crafty cut and paste clip to coincide with that Tonstartssbandht song 'Midnite Kobras', which was pretty cool (And I keep promising to post about them! Sorry, there is so much to do and so little time...).

But this one even has me in a constant state of conflict.

You see, I fucking hate Justin Beiber and everything he stands for. He has superseded Paris Hilton as the one person I would happily kill, hand myself in and let them do what they will, as I will have changed the future irrevocably for the better.

Nevertheless, cruising over to The Decibel Tolls yesterday, and damn it all to hell if they arent showcasing a 35 minute slow burn epic of Beiber's 'U Smile', slowed down by 800% and complemented by surf-swelling ambience and shimmering effects. Shamantis (AKA 20 year old Nick Pittsinger) is the cracked mentalist behind this slab of pure heaven. I never thought I would say this, but...thank you. Now all we need to do is subject the Beibs to some heavy duty psychedelic music and media a la Alex from A Clockwork Orange, and we might have a chance of turning the Devil's bastard spawn into the saving grace of musical space gallantry...
So Im off now to Ireland for a few days of obscurity. There's still some killer posts coming up on the likes of Megachurch, Ovum and 20 Sided Records, but I wont be monitoring anything - Ill be harnessing my inner James Joyce or DBC Pierre, either drinking myself to death or conning my way across teh Emerald Isle, either way coming up with something literary-sounding, and drunken. Oh, and to go into hiding until the rest of Sonic Masala settles down from this post...
Have an great week people!

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