Saturday 21 August 2010

Loving the Darkness

I can't really remember why I decided to get this record. I spoke earlier this month about buying albums based on moods/snippets/artwork etc. However, I can say that before listening to Black Hippies' Our Prayer, I knew seven shades of fuck all about them. All I knew after listening to this record was that these droney grooves permeated my soul in a way that other likeminded folk were nowhere near achieving (Im looking at you Evening Gown... Actually that sounds kinda harsh, but I just dont dig your stuff, it literally goes nowhere...). There were depths of coldness here worth channelling.

Then I did look into who the hell Black Hippies were/are. And fuck me if they aren't seventeen years old! Im sorry, but this kind of music comes to mind if you're at least a decade older and far more jaded and twisted. And their breadth of sonic knowledge to develop and deliver a sound so patient in its monotonous grooves is bewildering at best. However they do hail from Minnesota - that may just explain it then...

Our Prayer is out now. Whats more, its their SECOND album?!? These guys couldnt be bothered releasing it the normal way, so ask the guys on their Myspace page how you can glean yourself a copy.

And it also says on the Myspace page that they are currently listening to the Clean's Anthology. These kids are far ahead of the times...

Black Hippies - Our Prayer

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