Tuesday 3 August 2010

Corin Tucker - rock goddess extraordinaire prepares 1st solo album

I mentioned earlier this year some delectable Sleater-Kinney news, such as Carrie Brownstein's Quasi side project, blog, and the explosive news that SK may get back together in the next so long. Now Corin Tucker is prepping her first solo album, 1,000 Years. I have heard all kinds of rumours about this record - the Twilight: New Moon offcuts, the acoustic guitar, the total un-Sleater-Kinney of it all - but first, take a look at her band - it features Sara Lund of Unwound fame! Then the clincher - the first taste of the album, 'Doubt', features some awesome guitar and Tucker's hair-raising voice. I love her, and am so so glad she is back...

Corin Tucker - Doubt

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