Tuesday 10 August 2010

Maximum minimalism

I havent had access to my iPod for quite some time in 2010 - first I couldnt afford headphones, then I lent it to some people...so this weekend has been an exciting time for me as not only do I have it back in my possession, I spent a fair chunk of my spare time cutting and replacing albums. This can be quite a distressing time - I still cant fit all I want onto a 30GB unit, not by a long shot - and sometimes tough decisions need to be made. However, in doing this I 're-discovered' some acts that I loved, still love, and hope to move that love forward. After all, Sonic Masala isnt all about whats new and whats coming up, but also what is behind us, close to our hearts. So this week will have a few showcased artists for this very reason.

First cab off the rank is Melbournites-via-Brisbanites Minimum Chips. Formed in the mid 90s, the four piece crafted some amazing minimal rock, firstly on brilliant small-scale independent label Chapter Records, then more so with Trifekta. Each song is a small, simple idea overlaid with intricate interplay and beguiling vocals that provides - a true jigsaw puzzle that gives constant morsels of abundant joy. They have been well liked too - supporting fellow music magicians Stereolab and Pavement...

It would be well worth your time hunting down any of Minimum Chips' many releases - so listen to this and get hooked. Tomorrow - another criminally underrated Aussie band...

Minimum Chips - Cold Afternoon

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