Friday 20 August 2010

Going the Distance

Signal Hill are a four-piece self proclaimed post rock band from Los Angeles who released the 5 track EP Distance last month. Brought together and finding a common ground over the musical stylings of The Six Part Sevens, Signal Hill craft a singular organic sound that grabs you like a creeper vine, squeezinf the life out of you just so it can resuscitate you and repeat the process again. The five tracks all have a different sonic nuance that trickles down to a core element at the end of each listening - that the listening experience is a journey of visionary discovery. Sounds wanky, I know, but I felt this wash over me and it puts me in a nice contemplative mood everytime. It also reminds me a of a small Australian band called Tides and a little EP they put out years and years ago - I may have to do a 'Where Are They Now?' on them, they were quite special - as are Signal Hill. You can purchase Distance from the Signal Hill lads here.

Signal Hill - Paper Airplanes

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