Thursday 19 August 2010

One Man Band That Tears The World Asunder

I have to say that I have been positively blown away by Sweden's Sey Hollo, the project by Sebastian Larsson. Playing every instrument himself, Sey Hollo is a juggernaut. First of all, each element of the sound is played sublimely - I kinda hate Larsson for being this talented! But the second thing is that what has been created is so damn good - it seems impossible that this is all the intricate workings of just one mind. I havent heard post rock of this ilk for quite some time - avoiding the metal leanings of the likes of Pelican and Isis, or the graceful drones of Mono (which reminds me, an interesting post about Mono is in the works...), Sey Hollo has gone the more conventional route and yet created something so intrinsically heavy and yet emotional - its a real winner. Opener 'Dependistas' builds elegantly with an abrupt shift into a heavy distorted squall which I havent heard for some time; ending with a nice sample that leads into 'Eighty Five Percent', a rather disturbing piece that is as enthralling as it is eviscerating. 'A Toxic Toast To Broken Promises' uses a crazy pastiche of instrumental laments to create a monumental moment of wistful melancholia with just that pinch of hope...

As Ive stated in the past, post rock - instrumental music in general - is all about evoking the right set of emotions, and should be stronger in that aspect than most other genres of music. Sey Hollo has nailed it here.

Sey Hollo - Eighty Five Percent
Sey Hollo - Thank You Very Much


  1. Hi! Thanks for this wonderful review. I'm very glad you liked it, and thanks for listening and sharing.

    Sebastian, Sey Hollo

  2. Hey no worries Sebastian. The album speaks for itself, its a great piece.