Wednesday 11 August 2010

A Ghostly Presence

Another band that I havent got out of my system since gaining my iPod privileges back is Because of Ghosts. An instrumental rock three-piece that call Melbourne their home, Because of Ghosts have honed their post-rock leanings over almost a decade of incessant touring. They utilise looped guitar, bass, field recordings, wind-up toys and drums to merge eerily abrasive experimentalism with moments of gently shimmering calm. Its something special to think that a band that proscribes to the 'post-rock' genre can scratch out a niche all of their own - and these guys have easily done that. The organic nature of each track is not only impressive, but etches itself into your psyche so effortlessly that its unbelievable they haven't received more recognition! Even if they have some heavy hitters in their corner - Efren and Howard of Godspeed! You Black Emperor helped with the production of their 2nd LP, This Culture of Background Noise, with some appearances by G!YBE's Theirry and Jessica...

Well, I aim to rectify that today. Please hunt down their releases - there aren't many, and they are immaculately decked out, with the artwork done by guitarist Reuben Stanton. They are brilliant - make sure you give them their dues, stat!

Because of Ghosts - Dreaming Is Essential
Because of Ghosts - You Fool! Your House Is Built On A Frozen Lake

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