Thursday 26 August 2010

20... Sided... Records!

2o Sided Records is a San Franciscan label pushing the latest and greatest small acts from the region, and are doing a good job of it too. To highlight the amazing sounds coming out from under the Golden Gate, they have put together a 14 track compilation The Good Old Days Are Gone, with a couple of shows this coming weekend to showcase the bands on the release (these shows are, funnily enough, in SanFran, so UK-ites settle down, grab a copy if you likee). David of 20 Sided Records is keen to hear what we think on this side of the pond, so below are two of the tracks from Slow Trucks and Stirling Says. Leave comments on your thoughts, and if you like, grab the compilation - its a winner.

Slow Trucks - Gota Move Away

Stirling Says - A to D

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