Thursday 19 August 2010

Q: What's Better Than Denim? A: MORE Denim!

PRESS RELEASE>>> Double Denim Records is a new 7" label and blog based in London and the split between Blackbird Blackbird and Paopao is its first release. The blog and label is the collaborative effort of Jack Thomas (thisaintnodisco) and Hari Ashurst (Prizes). The blog launched just over two months ago and has already attracted a strong following and link backs from Pitchfork, Warren Ellis, Delicious Scopitone and more. The remit is to post daily about bands that haven't been covered before. All posts are accompanied by work from upcoming photographers.

No harm in a bit of back slapping - so check out the blog (but not more than you check out ours of course...), and check out what Blackbird Blackbird is capable of below!

Blackbird Blackbird - So Sorry, Girl

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