Friday 13 August 2010

Syntax Error

Melbourne band mnttaB play loud, fast, thrashy noise that snarls its way down into your cerebral vortex and lays malignant eggs there. For more idea of what to expect, here's a blurb from band progenitor Dik himself:

blah blah melbourne blah punk blah blah noise blah bastard kestrel blah
cough s:bahn blah unlikely! cough splutter click.


I havent ventured far from my home studio for a while! - But still grappling with the contradictory forces of ego, creative urge and a subconscious refusal to acquire any musical skills.

Nuff said really. Shiny Stones And Miracles EP is a very short visceral burst of depraved energy. A lot has been promised here - let's see if (t)he(y) can up the ante in the next offering...

mnttaB - A Tighter Grip

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