Sunday 15 August 2010

When the Earth Willingly Moves...

Its been a week of trying new things. We've had mnttaB, Induced Labour, Found Sound Nation, Mirror, Castevet, Mike Mokotow, Dirt Dress - all acts I hadn't a lick of knowledge about when I woke up last weekend. Well, here is one more to finish off the weekend...

Given Willingly (not sold on the name) is one-man project by Germany's Andreas Niegl. The single 'Water & Sleep' is getting released, and the plus is there are some juicy numbers added to the mix. Now this is my own opinion, but the other tracks are waaaaaaaaaaay more interesting than what's on its way out. It is still good though, which makes this a tasty find. It is more of an EP than anything else, and with the promise of an album in the near future, it is enough to get excited about.

Each track contains an ambient grind reminiscent of local UK act Forest Swords. Particularly the one featured below, 'The Earth Moves'. It encapsulates punk rock aesthetics, post rock histrionics and electronica to create some beguiling soundscapes... But don't worry, you can sample what they deemed best to be their front-up single and decide for yourself - or better yet, if you like, lend these brothers a hand...

Given Willingly - The Earth Moves
Given Willingly - Water & Sleep


  1. Anonymous13/9/10 14:30

    The album is being mixed right now.
    Most of it is closer to "How To Dispose Of A Body At Sea" than anything else. Glitchy-pop stuff.

    It's all a bit weird at Mine, All Mine! Records (maybe you've heard about it) since John's (the labelhead) house was struck by a lightning!!!
    So that's part of why it's been delayed... also I'm moving right now.

    Oh and yeah it's cool you don't like the name... at least you don't think Given is my first name. You wouldn't believe how often that happens.

    Hope i didn't bore you with this little speech of mine.

    Thanks a lot again. I really appreciate it!

  2. Yeah Andreas, have heard of the label, and it certainly sounds like the album has gone thru a blaze of fire, hope all is well now though! Let us know deets about the new album as it comes along - am keen to hear what next is given willingly (see wht I did there? Sometimes Im TOO funny...)

  3. Anonymous28/9/10 14:24

    Hey, just letting you know the album is coming out today. Hope you enjoy it.


  4. Cheers Andreas! Ill look out for it - very keen to hear what you've done!