Saturday 14 August 2010

Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who's The Tinniest Of Them All?

Mirror are a Japanese four piece who formed in 2006, released one album, and disappeared again - or so it seemed... They have a new EP out, Recollection (on Catune Records, also home of the ever brilliant Boris). To be honest, when I started listening, I wasn't sold - this kind of math rock instrumental noodling is getting done a lot these days, and more oft than not it comes across as too many ideas thrown into an industrial sized fan and then the splattered remains are recorded. Sure, ou can play the guitar with gay abandon (and amazingly intertwined), you arent flubbing chords like most garage bands are these days! But how about a little originality, a bit of creativity - a bit of SOUL?

Well, just when I though Recollection might be too clever for its own good, we come to 'Tin Toy'. The math pithiness is toned down for a more spatial development that evokes Tortoise, and with more effects and ambience we have a real track on our hands! Enough to allow me to monitor their progress. If they can expand their musical breadth along these lines, we might have a band ready to climb the ladder into recognition.

Mirror - Tin Toy

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