Monday 2 August 2010

The Hidden Lands of summer

So it's August already, the end of summer is rushing towards us like the blackness of an on rushing tunnel but wait there's still plenty of summer fun to be wrung out of the year yet. In fact in my head summer ends with last festival of the year and that takes us all the way to ATP Nightmare before Christmas in December, childish optimism never dies my friends.

Enough of my rambling, right now the perfect band to hold on to that 'summer feeling' is Candy Claws and their second L.P Hidden Lands, out on Two Syllable Records. The album dropped back in early June and is inspired by a book entitled The Secret Life of the Forest, their first L.P, In the Dream of the Sea Life, was was meant to mimic the sound of the ocean floor, so these kids have a thing for nature. Now it may of taken me till last month of summer for me to fall for this hazy dreamscape pop, all subtle softness and unexpected rhythms, vast vistas and minute details, but sat on Hampstead Health with a picnic on Sunday it suddenly made a lot of sense.

Unfortunately the Colorado duo aren't without tragedy, their car burnt to crisp, along all their kit, whilst on tour last month. No one got hurt thank god but its still a tough break but maybe the sound of melting metal might inspire their third long player?

Candy Claws - Sunbeam Show
Candy Claws - Silent Time of Earth

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