Monday 23 August 2010

A robot church, anyone?

Megachurch. Two thoughts came into my mind when I heard this name - one of the brainwashing clusterfucking Koolaid-drinking child-molesting behemoth that harbours on the Bible Belt; the other of a defunct Transformer that hid its robotic evilness by dsiguising itself as a Gothic cathedral.

What I got was neither.

Thanks to The Noise Is, the Megachurch that descended upon me is a all capitals MEGACHURCH, yelling at you in all forms. But it is not conventional yelling screamo what-have-you that these charlatans are dishing out to the masses. In fact, these heavily frenetic sound rapists can't be bothered with a guitarist, let alone a vocalist, instead rendering the sky in two via incessant rabid drumming and duelling basses. The Cleveland noiseniks anchor their sounds with sound bites from feverish preachers of many languages, thus making a stand of religious mockery and political blasphemy that would be preachy if these guys actually gave a fuck. There is definitely an element of like minds with their hometown compatriots Lightning Bolt on how their songs are tenuously connected, a volatile mix that can implode at any time - and often does - just in time to display a backdraft of explosive energy that eviscerates all in its path.

MEGACHURCH's self-titled 12" is out now, self released - check out their Myspace page to grab a copy.

Still think a robot church would be kinda cool though.

Megachurch - The Gay Agenda
Megachurch - Exorcism

And here is the new music video for another track off the 12", 'More Morman Than Morman.' This is one of the best tracks on the album, but be warned - this vid is very disturbing, and VERY NSFW...

Megachurch - More Mormon Than Mormon from Keitj T. Alin on Vimeo.

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