Monday 9 August 2010

Brought Screaming Sweet Nothings Into The World

Good morning rapscallions! Yes, it is another Death March Monday. What better way to get rid of those workday week blues than by blasting your brain out with some new noise?

Induced Labour is a band from Toronto, band members having come from the defunct Sick Lipsticks and Disguises. They continually harken back to their collective love of Arab On Radar, a band I have only recently fallen in love with myself, and with that combined with Black Flag overdoses, Induced Labour was born. Still fleshing out their sound, they nevertheless are ripping your speakers a new arsehole, or in their own words - ' If there is a baby in your womb this music will make it fall out. ' They are supporting the likes of Parts & Labor, and are fucking everyone's world.

Happy Monday!

Induced Labour - All Flesh Is Grass

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