Saturday 28 August 2010

Off the Map

Good Saturday morning to you all! Its an exciting and yet wistful time for Englanders today - as we have the last Bank holiday upon us, and the last vestiges of summer (although some may say it fled a few weeks ago - away from me you glass half emoty heathens!). So I hope you have some great stuff planned for the 3 day holiday. Or even if you don't, there is always music to brighten your mood!

Not sure if this is mood brightening stuff, but Derbyshire post rockers Beyond This Point Are Monsters released their debut album Family Tree a little while ago, and are nearing completion of their second. England is rife with quality instrumental outfits, yet BTPAM dont get much of a mention. Which is strange, as Family Tree is a nice blueprint of how to toe the line of escalating guitarwork with off kilter drumming in order to create tracks that effortlessly caress the eardrums whilst alluding to much darker tones within the shadows... The band twists their nots around each other, coalescing with flailing notes like a Hydra rising from the broiling depths of the stormiest seas. Its brooding, melancholic, and at times breathtaking. In short, BTPAM deserve higher praises, and in order to do so they need to be enticed out of their lair of the Midlands and into London more often - anyone offering?

Whats more, the album is free on the bands Bandcamp site.

So enjoy the penultimate track from the album, enjoy your Saturday, enjoy your Bank Holiday, enjoy the last of the summer.

Beyond This Point Are Monsters - Its Beige

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