Friday 6 August 2010

The Friday Cover Up - A Faith Healing S.O.S

Its been a busy week but a lack of posts in the week's tail will never stop The Friday Cover Up. Really the band that provide this week's Cover Up deserve multiple posts so I may be forced to follow up a proper history/introduction in another post soon. Thanks goes to Th' Faith Healers for a cheeky takes Abba's S.O.S and just for good measure I've also included their even cheekier take on Mariah Carey's Without You (I can't believe that I've just typed that name on SM!). Both covers were recorded for the band's five Peel Sessions between 1992 and 1994. Apparently John Peel was very fond of the Th' Faith Healers cover of Without You... and to complete a hat-trick of covers I've also included a rather less playful cover of Can's Mother Sky that featured on the L.P Lido.

I'm not going to go into a prolonged history of Th' Faith Healers, wikipedia can do that for you, but Th' Faith Healers were a band I stumbled apon, thanks to Mr Peel, when I was only 13. They always fitted somewhere between shoegaze and early brit pop for me, and I loved them for it -My Bloody Valentine and early Blur were vices at the time. Needless to say seeing the band reform to play ATP last year took me straight back to my adolescent bedroom and desperately recording Peel sessions on my knackered old tape machine. One unappreciated band much appreciated by a very excited 13/29 year old kid. Hope you appreciate their three slices of cover up fun.

Th' Faith Healers - S.O.S
Th' Faith Healers - Without You
Th' Faith Healers - Mother Sky

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