Wednesday 18 August 2010

The Kings of Kong Scale the Old Blue Last TONIGHT!

One of THE BEST UK ACTS GOING AROUND TODAY, HANDS DOWN (and that was not a caps lock mistake), Manchester's Kong are kicking teeth in tonight at the Old Blue Last for change from a tenner (or £6 to be exact...). Its going to be amazing - it always is. Ive seen them every time they have come to London since their Fistful of Fandango gig last year, and their Christmas gig at the Old Blue Last was nasty in an oh so glorious way... Ably supported by Bitches (supposedly...) and Blacklisters, this will be fucking amazing, and boozy, and hell bent on gay abandon and destruction. It will also be the final gig I see in London ever...until I sort out my visa issues, which will mean Ill be gig-ready in a week or so, but I still have to leave the country for a bit, so come and get lost in a sea of madness with Sonic Masala and all other types of retrobates...

Kong - Leather Penny
Kong - Blood of a Dove

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