Sunday 8 August 2010

Caribou + Silver Columns = why hasn't this happened earlier?

Those who follow us here at Sonic Masala will have picked up on Ani's predilection for refined electronica. In her eyes (and admittedly in mine), acts such as Caribou and Four Tet can do no wrong. A track came across my desk this week that managed to marry most of Ani's faves, so I felt compelled to impart it onto you.

Silver Columns is the current project of folkified Adem (also of Fridge, the post-rockish outfit with Four Tet's Kieran Hebden) and the man behind the Pictish Trail, Johnny Lynch. Caribou's Swim is a SM fave for album of the year. These two have come together as caribous has remixed Silver Column's 'Always On', almost 9 minutes of elegaic plinkings and meanderings that serves to heighten the original track.

Hope you enjoyed the weekend - SM will be back on track this week I promise!

Silver Columns - Always On (Caribou remix)

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