Thursday 21 February 2013

Ty Will Be Your Love

Last week we swanned about in the sunny glare of Mikal Cronin – last Saturday – I revelled in the twisted genius of John Dwyer’s Thee Oh Sees – today, its their buddy and garage Svengali Ty Segall to kick us in the teeth with a new tune (well, he kinda does this most weeks, there’s always something on the boil). ‘Would You Be My Love’ is fop-haired Beatles growing up in Detroit; the Davies brothers covered in NY leathers; Davy Jones with a Mohawk, a flannelette shirt and a hacksaw. B-side ‘For Those Who Weep’ takes paisley acid-trips by the river, reads the Book of Revelations, and drinks the Kool-Aid. Segall swings whichever way he wants, and it works – he has that perfect vocal timbre, manic presence and maniac guitar twirl – Planet Masala is his for the taking.

Grab the 7” through Drag City here.

Ty Segall – Would You Be My Love

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