Friday 15 February 2013

Friday Cover Up - Future Primitives

Ah, another Sonic Masala staple is back!

I missed out on telling you about The Future Primitives, a South African garage rock band that put out a great little record in This Here's The Future Primitives last year. Well, after the world neglected to go to hell in a handbasket last December (it's still doing that, just a lot more incremental than the Mayans thought), the trio decided to hammer out a bunch of tracks that they like to listen to. The aptly titled Songs We Taught Ourselves features thirteen covers from the likes of Link Wray, Captain Beefheart and Bo-Weevils amongst many others, and they are suitably lo-fi shambolism par excellence. It’s a lot of stupid fun – and what else would you expect. Head over here to download the album, listen to it below!

Enjoy the weekend crazy kids! Ill have singles from Youth Lagoon and Mikal Cronin for you, plus my two-part ATP playlist, over the next two days – listening paradisio!!!

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