Monday 4 February 2013

Taking Bozmo B-hind A Tree At The Lakehouse

Bozmo’s back!

I was a big fan of the Boston garage rock band’s debut Hosanna In The Highest back in 2011, but they kinda fell off my radar after that. Now they have B A Tree out in 7” form, and the title track offers more of the infectious rock that I didn’t realise I was missing. There is even a bit of Ty Segall in some of the delivery, which never hurt ANYone. The B-side ‘Lakehouse’ takes things down a notch, but is even more likable – fun and breezy, less direct, even a bit croony. And that riff should be illegal, its so addictive. Good stuff boys – keep this ball rolling!

Grab the 7” here, whilst we wait with bated breath for that longplayer to come to fruition.

Bozmo - B A Tree

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