Thursday 28 February 2013

Hungry Spectres

If you think back all the way to 2011, I raved about Family, the debut EP from Bristol miscreants Spectres. So many bands adhere the Sonic Youth school of rock to their own ends, yet Family felt original, something visceral and ebullient, harrowing and energising in equal measure. Their live shows are understandably widely-renowned, few new young bands brandishing such clout and noise with such aggression and abandon without it falling into an implosive mess. I've had the new EP Hunger for a couple months again, and it furthers the rabid excitement, and hopefully gleans them a much larger fan base. Essentially four songs (opener 'Pull' is 47 seconds of ambient noise), Hunger is a ferocious package, each song more explosive than its predecessor. Controlled tensions, squalled aggressions. Excellent stuff.


Get Hunger from Howling Owl Records here.

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