Thursday 14 February 2013

Lake Of Plankton Wat

Another day, another Sound of Cobra affiliate. Yesterday I spoke about Italian dark psychers Cannibal Movie, and today I'm bringing to your attention a great release from Plankton Wat (AKA Dewey Mahood of Eternal Tapestry fame), who I have heaped praise on in the past (his In Magical Light LP was one of my top albums of 2011). He has released the 5-track Mirror Lake one-sided 12” EP through the German label, and it is another slice of guitar exploration, working his way through kosmiche drones, explosive slabs of psych dirge, folk meditations and ambient ambles, like a harder edged Mark McGuire. Mahood is an incredible guitarist, and the levels of emotion and grandeur he reaches on this small release is incredible. Mirror Lake holds a warmth and resonance that only comes when the music is intrinsically tied to the artist’s personal experiences, especially with ‘Pastoral Rejoice’ and ‘Lone Pines’ – both utilise acoustic strings in a manner that isn’t far removed from some of Neil Young’s finest 70s moments, with gentle hand percussion pushing it all gently down the river. Eternal Tapestry is amazing, but I am just as glad that Plankton Wat exists in this world of ours.

You can grab Mirror Lake here (through Thrill Jockey) – I suggest you do so.

Plankton Wat – Lone Pines

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