Thursday 14 February 2013

Grinning Out On The Plateaus

The debut self-titled record from Southern Californian ne’er-do-wells Plateaus came out late last year on Art Fag, and is an interesting amalgam of doo-wop pop, sneering punk, and scuzzy garage rock, infused with a strangely sunny disposition. Only in California, right? The production is a little cleaned up after their Hozac release earlier in 2012, and it imbues these short spikes with some much wanted vigour. It’s true that some of these songs bleed into each other, but that isn’t an altogether bad thing – this is the kind of sunny party record that I want to chuck on. Its fun, unpretentious, precocious, and coy – but above all, it makes me smile. And that’s really the point. A good rock record that makes you smile is always going to win out.

You can get Plateaus (on white vinyl!) over this-a-way.

Plateaus – Jump Now
Plateaus – Do It For You
Plateaus – Jasmine

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