Friday 8 February 2013

Fantasmas Have No Soul

Last year I came across this Brooklyn four-piece called Fantasmas and their ‘Blind Children’ track. Since then they have had a few demos, and now are unleashing Static/No Soul 7” (on Low Life Inc).

Solid punk rock, wavering between Chapel Hill era noodlings, and more atonal dissonance. ‘Static’ is a strong track, fidgeting like Q And Not U tended to, although the production is a little stifling. Never truly allowing the quartet to break free. ‘No Soul’ is more towards the No Wave sound and almost breaks through the speakers. These guys sound pretty damn rad, and probably deliver on stage in a punk dive, but are just that little bit restricted here. Everything is moving forward though – and if they unleash the fury on their next release, expect some fireworks.

Pick up Static/No Soul here.

Fantasmas – No Soul

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