Friday 15 February 2013

Foxes In Fiction + Benoit Piourlard

Just a quick post, as I'm about to race to a plane whisking me down to Melbourne, and the ATP. This 7” put out through Wool Recordings is a split between Foxes In Fiction (AKA Warren Hildebrand) and Benoît Pioulard (AKA Thomas Meluch). The collaboration spawned in 2010, when Meluch played Hildebrand’s hometown of Toronto and invited him along on a road trip to Montreal. They started exchanging songs and files, before the two pieces (‘Ground Glass’ and ‘Etalon’) formed this 7”. Those who saw Pioulard play in Australia back in September, either at Newcastle’s Sound Summit or his show in Brisbane with High Wolf and Mist, will know how good this release is. Those who don’t, have a taste of ‘Ground Glass’ below – you won’t be disappointed.

You can get the record through Orchid Tapes here – it’s a limited and silkscreened 7” with artwork from Hildebrand himself. Really lovely stuff.

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