Monday 4 February 2013

Never Bored of Wetting The Bed

I'll be honest with you - Ive seen Sydney four-piece Bed Wettin' Bad Boys once, and thought they erred on the wrong side of shambolic. Normally I don't mind that - it can intensify the experience - but on that occasion (I think it was at Woodland in 2011? Or was it the Zoo?) it just fell apart. I never truly wrote them off after that - I just didn't keep an eye on them.

What a mistake.

Their new album, Ready For Boredom, is currently my album of 2013. Early days, sure, but it's so...unpretentious. Coming from RIP Society and featuring the bassist from Royal Headache, maybe I shouldn't be so surprised. But its the true fact that these guys are making unsentimental rock without worrying about trends, without dirtying the sound to cover the many imperfections, avoiding being a "party band" - this is a band that just enjoys - I mean, really fucking loves - playing together. There's no tricks, no flights of fancy, not bells and whistles, pop references, current cultural touchstones... Sure, it's all been heard before, but as is always the case, when done right, with heart and personality, it becomes new, original. But Ready For Boredom isn't even about referencing its influences, of which there are many - It's just four guys playing music. It isn't railing against the slacker vibe pervade the Aussie rock landscape at the moment, nor a kneejerk reaction to the ultra-slick and ultra-poor production styles that make up the vast majority of albums. It From the opening strains of 'Devotion' to the fading feedback of 'Keep It From You', I was hooked.

Bed Wettin' Bad Boys played here only a couple weeks ago, but I'm sure they'll be back in Brisbane very soon. Pick up Ready For Boredom here - I don't think I need to stress how much you need this.

Bed Wettin' Bad Boys - Devotion
Bed Wettin' Bad Boys - Bite My Tongue

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