Wednesday 13 February 2013

Music's Mondo Holocaust

I have spoken about the excellent Cannibal Movie before, the Italian drums & organ psych duo who brought out the mindbending Avoria cassette through Sound of Cobra. Now they are back with Mondo Music. Two long sinuous tracks that easily supersede their past recordings, Mondo Music is a pagan voyage through fizzing synapses, captured in an underground cathedral of ochres and shadows, briefly glimpsed faces and masks, flickering firelight and an epiphany ripped from your soul. The second track is especially entrancing, an ambient meditation that coalesces into a demonic dance, the haunting organ and maniacal percussion interweaving in an orgiastic rhythm that is sensual and base. This is incredible stuff, the kind of psych experiment that goes beyond the extremes of genre and enters your pores, fusing with your membrane, refusing to die.

Mondo Music is available through Yerevan Tapes in pea green cassette form here. It's a great release.

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