Friday 8 February 2013

A Killer Hot Lunch Makes Me Smile

San Francisco’s Hot Lunch blew me away with their visceral slice of riff-heavy rock on their Killer Smile 7” last year. They are back with a self-titled debut (out through German label Who Can You Trust?, and have just aligned themselves with Tee Pee Records) and it lives up to that release’s promise.

Self-proclaimed punk-n-rollers, the four-piece stampede through nine tracks of unadulterated retro-rock. Eric Shea is a throwback to the 70s era rock frontmen, all swagger, psych lyricism and throat-shedding howls. Aaron Nudelman takes these songs into the stratosphere with his thick-as-fuck guitar lines, whilst Tim Green’s production truly transplants these tracks some forty years in the past. As I stated with Games’ new record, looking back at past influences only works if its authentic and/or original, and Hot Lunch clearly embrace the heathen rhythms of the rock gods of yesteryear.

You can grab Hot Lunch here. Tasty.

Hot Lunch – Killer Smile

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