Monday 4 February 2013

These Strangers Aren't Losers

It's my birthday today, so I'm only giving short blasts of posts. The rest of the day is being spent doing nothing – watching Justified and Workaholics, and sleep probably. Not exciting, sure – but its sounds pretty rad to me.

This track ‘Loser’ comes from the debut vinyl 7” from local duo Strangers, not to be confused with that shitty Sydney hardcore band or any of the many other Strangers bands in the universe. They play Aussie grunge a la early Magic Dirt as if it never left us, yet imbue it with a gentler side as seen by the B-side cover of Nick Cave’s ‘The Ship Song’. Ash Kerley (of Bottlecock) has been Strangers for years now, this being her “solo” outlet with Linda Dark smashing the skins, fleshing things out towards their timely, apocalyptic conclusion. It rarely explodes, just holds that upper-level velocity and intensity, and in the right atmosphere Strangers can kill.

Strangers launch Loser at the Hideaway Bar this Thursday. $8 entry, with support coming from fellow female rocker Sabrina Lawrie. A good night out, and get the 7" there. Splash out on some beers too - the girls love it.

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