Saturday 9 February 2013

Hell Or Blankus Larry - I Know Where I'm Heading

There is this psychedelic garage duo (which has expanded into a five-piece, according to their website) from Washington, DC and VA Beach, VA, called Blankus Larry. AAAAAAAges ago they contacted me, letting me know that they had released the second song from their upcoming LP, ‘I Am A Heatseeker’. It’s a ripsnorter, that’s for sure – but for whatever reason I neglected to post about it. Well, they have finally released their album, Hell Or High Larry, and it’s pretty bloody good. The first two tracks show the band’s split personality – ‘Fall Forever In Tha Sun’ is slow crawling, howling psych rock from the deserts of your mind; ‘I Am A Heatseeker’ is that dirty garage blues that the likes of John Spencer can deliver when he isn’t wildly thrusting his loins and slinking around like a madman. The album ricochets back forth between these two extremes, making it a strong record that steams along with violent intent. And don’t be misled by the long tracks – ‘Nassau’ and ‘Scupper’ are the strongest songs on here. Its that grit that sticks in the gears of these tracks that truly makes this band – dark, rocking tunes that will tear your head off, if only you’ll let it. Douse that wound with a bottle of booze, and get back on the horse, because come hell or high water, Blankus Larry will be coming back for more.

You can get Hell Or High Larry for free here. Seriously good.

Blankus Larry – I Am A Heatseeker
Blankus Larry - Nassau

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